Volunteer Opportunities

AmeriCorps Volunteers


A team of AmeriCorps volunteers built a beautiful new trail at
Remick Preserve in 2009.


Volunteers play an important role at KLT. Last year, almost 100 people volunteered their time, energy, and skills to assist in KLT's work. There are many ways to volunteer for KLT. Whether you want to be out in the field or indoors, working on your own or with others, have a lot of time to give or just a little, there are many ways your energy and talents can help KLT do its work. Current volunteer opportunities are listed below. To learn more about any of these activities, or to volunteer, please contact the person noted.

Stewardship-related opportunities:
KLT needs volunteers to help create or improve trails on KLT-conserved lands where landowners have generously allowed for public access. In addition, to make trails available to the public on conserved lands, KLT needs volunteers to maintain trails, keeping trail routes well-marked and clear of fallen limbs. Please contact Stewardship.   

No prior trail building experience is required – just your energy and enthusiasm! There is plenty you can do to help that does not require heavy work or specialized equipment.

Property Steward
Our Stewards are some of our hardest working volunteers with responsibilities for the monitoring and care of our 13 properties and easements. Our optimum is one Steward for each property. This volunteer will initially write a brief description of the property, and tour it from time to time. Stewards are active on the Stewardship committee which meets monthly.

Preserve Docent
Some of our lands, especially Seapoint, see a LOT of day visitors in season. Volunteers help keep an eye on these places and provide interpretation for our visitors when the opportunity arises.

Trail Crew
KLT is continuing to increase the number and quality of our trails. Clear trails, build a bridge, post a sign, paint blazes and more!

Youth Liaisons
KLT is eager to start programs that bring the next generation out of the classroom and into some the community’s most treasured and educational places: KLT lands! Active in our schools or the Scouts? You can help us organize.

KLT is planning to create better signs and kiosks at our preserves. Are you good with saw and hammer? We can use your talents in the workshop or out in the field.

Invasive Plants Team
Many of the landscapes on KLT preserves are straining under the pressure of invasives that out-compete native plants and eliminate habitats for many species. Bittersweet, honeysuckle, buckthorn, hemlock wooly adelgid, and other unwanted species are the target of these field teams. Why go to the gym when you can get a workout pulling invasive plants! Weekend and evening group sessions are organized during each month the ground is not frozen.

Inventory and Mapping
Are you an amateur or professional botanist, ecologist, ornithologist, or geologist? We are eager to continue building an inventory of resources on our lands. Take water quality samples, count birds, map forest cover types, or learn to use GPS and GIS data.

Other interests?
Offer your creative suggestions. Perhaps you fly an airplane? We always want to get up and take photos from the air. Maybe you are into geocaching and want to start one?


Miscellaneous Volunteer Opportunities

Land Preservation
Are you interested in working with KLT board members on a committe focused on the preservation of land? If so, please contact Karen Young, chair of the Acquisitions Committee.

Grantwriting and Fundraising
Do you like to write? Have you had experience with grant-writing and would like to share your expertise so that we can respond to funding opportunities? Would you like to think creatively about ways KLT can appeal to our community to increase interest, support and membership? Please contact Melissa Paly, chair of the Development Committee.

Photographing Conserved Lands
Got a camera and an eye for photo composition? Visit recently conserved lands to take photos for use in KLT’s publications, slides shows, and website. Contact us.

Mailings Team
When you receive a mailing from KLT, it has likely passed through the hands of one of our mailing volunteers, a lively bunch that gathers to collate, stuff, and seal our membership mailings. Contact us.

A Project of Your Devising
If you’d like to volunteer for KLT, but don’t see an activity here that matches your skills and interests, let’s talk! We’re happy to work with you to find a project for you that meets your objectives while filling a particular need at KLT.Contact us.