Voices for Conservation

The Urgency of Land Conservation

Read this impassioned piece from The Wire about the need for better stewardship of the land in New Hampshire.

This Land is Our Land

By Karen Marzloff
The Wire
May 2, 2012 00:37 AM

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An Inspiring Talk to Check Out

Peter Forbes from the Center for Whole Communities gave this keynote address at the Maine Land Conservation Conference this past spring.


Maine a Leader in Protected Land

Read about Maine's successful "grass-roots approach to conservation," a partnership between land trusts and local communities.

Maine Voices: Land Trusts Remind us of State's Vitality

By Tim Glidden
The Portland Press Herald
December 11, 2011

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Considering Climate Change


Building a Resilient Coast

Check out these short segment videos and find out what your neighbors, town officials, and climate experts have to say about sea-level rise, coastal flooding, and erosion. Learn what it means to you and what you can do about it.

Learn more about two interesting projects of former KLT Board member and UNH climate scientist, Cameron Wake, is involved with at UNH: measuring climate change and supporting environmentally resilient communities. 

Ice Cores: Environmental Archives

NH Chronicle tells the story of the UNH-coordinated  project to drill ice cores, which allow scientists to see atmospheric changes going back 68,000 years!  Watch to discover what new understanding scientists have from analyzing these cores.

Charting a Sustainable Future

The Sphere's article "Making the Invisible Visible" from The Institute for the Study of Earth, Ocean and Space (EOS) at UNH, talks about "helping society see the bigger picture of climate change by shifting the focus from simply safeguarding ourselves from increased coastal flooding and more extreme weather events to protecting the very ecosystems we are embedded in, and which support our lives in myriad ways." Read More.

Solsitice shines a light on serious issue

In this editorial in the Portsmouth Herald (6/21/2013), Wake urges support for EPA rules to reduce carbon emissions in order to protect the natural resources, so important to our country. Returning from his month-long expedition to Denali National Park, Alaska drilling ice cores, Wake shares the dire news told by the disappearing Arctic sea ice. Read More.