Partners in Conservation

Many local and regional organizations are working to conserve the best of Kittery, and KLT is delighted to partner with a unique array of organizations and government agencies to achieve long-term success. The following is an overview of other conservation properties and programs.

Additional information about accessing several of these lands has been published on the SeacoastNH website.

Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge:
Brave Boat Harbor Division

Facilities: Loop trail, on-street parking, restrooms
Total acres: over 400
KLT has worked with the US Fish and Wildlife Service to conserve the Seapoint Marsh. KLT received a donation of the Campbell property that encompassed 35 acres of the marsh and sold this to the national wildlife refuge. The refuge is now managing more of the marsh as a single conservation area.

Town Forest
Facilities: Loop trail, off street parking
Total Acres: 72
The Town owns and maintains a forested property between Haley and Lewis Road. Several miles of trails bisect the forested property. Small parking lots are available off both Haley and Lewis Road.

Fort Foster and Fort McClary
Facilities: Trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, restrooms in season, parking
Total acres:  89 and 37 acres
Two defensive forts along the Piscataqua River today are historic and recreational sites with extensive areas of forest and wetland conservation.
In season there is an admission fee at Fort Foster during hours of operation.
Learn more about Fort McClary here.

Ft. Foster


Ft. Foster

Delano Easement
The Delano family has a long history of conservation in Kittery. Libby Delano was a member of the KLT Board from 1989 to 1991, and her children have continued this tradition and in 2008 Maine Coast Heritage Trust finished a conservation easement that protects much of the 400-acre land from development. Access only by permission of the landowner.
Read more about the Delano Easement here.


Private Covenants
Off Lewis Road the Lewis Farm Conservancy is a cluster residential development with extensive reserved areas of forest and wetland habitat. 

Lewis Farm Conservancy


MtA2C Initiative
The Mount Agamenticus to the Sea Conservation Initiative (MtA2C) is a coalition of ten national, regional and local partners representing federal and governmental agencies, statewide land protection organizations and three local land trusts, including Kittery Land Trust.

The goal is to conserve a mosaic of critical lands, waterways and working landscapes in the six-town area between the Tatnic Hills of Wells and Gerrish Island in Kittery Point. Working together, the partners of the MtA2C Conservation Initiative are protecting both community values and environmental health across a project area spanning 48,000 acres in southernmost Maine.

In Kittery, the first round of the MtA2C program supported conservation at Fairchild, Norton Preserve, Furbish, and Delano properties.



Spruce Creek Association
Spruce Creek Association is a group of citizens and organizations working together to provide a framework to coordinate the assessment of the Spruce Creek watershed's conditions and to implement and monitor proven management practices that support environmental and economic vitality.

SCA has partnered with KLT on several initiatives including our Thompson Mill Pond easement.

Rogers Park
Rogers Park consists of 27 acres along Spruce Creek given to the townspeople by Richard Rogers in 1958. Rogers was born in Kittery in 1866 and was a proud descendant of a Mayflower settler from Plymouth, MA. Originally known as Eagle Point, this land was occupied by members of the Rogers family as early as 1677.