Our Members

KLT Membership as of April 1, 2014

Landmark Circle   ($1,000 and up)
Brian Cox and MJ Blanchette
Jane Bartolomei and Fran Clark
Alex and Danna Dearborn
Warren Delano
Bill Zink and Sara Delano
The Fairchild Family? 
Ken and Kristin Fellows
Janet and Terry Gagner
Mark and Judi Gardner
Mady Gilson and Anthony Thompson
Connie and Gerry Held
Robert and Nancy Jackson
Julia Washburn and Michael Kules
Randy Price and Mark Steffen

Preservationists   ($500 and up)
Will and Arlene Brewster
Roger Cole
Maureen and John Convery
Diana and Lyman Delano
Gerrish Island Conservancy
Island Realty Trust
Diana and Mark McNabb
Jacquelyn Nooney
Celina Adams and Cameron Wake

Sustainers   ($250 and up)
Mark and Connie Alesse
Jeff and Sara Apsey
Tony and Gail Barrington
Nancy Peschel and Robert Eaton
Robert Nichols and Debra Kam
Faith Harrington and Peter Lamb
Anne and Vance Morgan
Shaye and John Robbins
Lane Williamson and Don Stein 

Stewards   ($100 and up)
R. J. Allister
Jean and Graham Alvord
Carol and Rhett Austell
Helene Balkin
Charles and Jill Barrett
Galen Beale
Karen and Dean Bensley
Paul and Maureen Bilodeau
Joan Beskenis and Alan Bing
Matthew Brock
Carol and Anthony Bruno
Nancy Adams and John Burgess
Gillian Carter
G. Thomas and Marie Catalano
Hilary Clark
Dianne Fallon and Jeff Clifford
Donald and Merry Craig
Ernest and Theresa D’Angelo
Susan Goodman and Carl Dawson
Debora  Martin and Steve Delaney
Suzanne Eder
Jacqueline Ellis
Cynthia Fenneman
Elizabeth Ann Ford
Scott and Elsa Fraser
Albert and Suzanne Frederick
Madeline Gavin
Kathleen Connor and David Gibson
Donnajean Ahigian and Jeff Gordan
Marcia Gibbons and William Hazen
David and Karol Gooch
Sarah and James Hamill
Janet and Stephen Hathaway
Phyllis and Herbert Held
Maury and Anne Hepner
Kathy Hynes
Pam and Jack Jordan-Rutledge
Maura and Akmal Khan
Herb Kingsbury and Ellen Fish-Kingsbury
Robert and Megan Kline
Kathryn Driscoll and Mara Lamstein 
Ron and Paula Ledgett
W. Thomas and Lea Ann London
Delphine Lowe
Paul and Marion Lucy
Johanna and Robert Mangion
John and Rachel Mason
Kalle Matso
Anita Baldwin and Richard McAulay
Garvin and A.M. McCurdy
Jenny Freeman and Gary Mitchell
Bob and Debby Morrison
Peter and Starr Motson
Alice Moulton
Jonathan Nash
Janice Neal
Marjorie Nichols
Mary Oplinger and Charles Simpson
Elaine Peresluha
Fred Perry and Sarah Smith
Steve and Anne Marie Pitkin
Thurston and Linda Powell
Sam and Juliet Reid
Ala and William Reid
Maureen McDonald and Pat Rettaliata
Valerie Ruocco
Wendy Pomeroy and Deane Rykerson 
Karen Saltus
Peter and Mary Schauffler
Anne Borden and Lawrence Schlemann
Heather Sullivan
Paula Ickeringill and Wendy Turner
Marcia and Tyler Tingley
Linda Walton
Rebecca and Tim Webb
John and Flora Welsh
Barbara Deuell and Peter Whitman
Karen and Michael Young

Protectors   ($50 and up)
Karen Arsenault
Richard Barrie
Sandra Bauer
Margaret Benton
David and Maryanne Bevan
Spruill Kilgore and Richard Bisig
Richard and Ursula Bondi
Bottomline Technologies
Peter Bowman
Terry and Mary Braun
Edward and Windy Burns
Jonathan and Mary Carter
Patricia Cherry
Jon and Judy Civitarese
Mary and Robert Cline
Bill and Myra Cutts
Ernest and Theresann D’Angelo
Ellen Denny
Jeff and Barbara Diefendorf
Philip and Christine Doucette
Sarah and Peter Drummond
Donna and John Duffy
John Haskell and Lorraine Eastwick
Janice Eddy
G. Richard and Alice Emery
Susan Emery
Elaine and Joseph Fuller
Dan abd Kate Gardoqui
Lindsay Gee and Erin Heffron
Stella and Stephen Hall
Michael and Cynthia Harvell
Nancy and Craig Herwig
Louise Hirshberg
Elizabeth Burke and Mark Hogan
Melissa Alden and Jack Kane
Alan and Christine Kelly
Elizabeth Kirschner
Cynthia and Louis Kochanek
Martha Kowal
Kathy Kowler
Grant and Wendy Kvalheim
Wanda McDonough and Michael Lee
David and Jean Lincoln
Paul and Marion Lucy
Janice and William MacDonald
? David Cohen and Doreen Macgillis
Page and Alexandra Mead
Meetinghouse Village
Peter and Mary Moak
Christopher and Marian Musto
Connie and Peter Nagle
Mary Hansen and Jeff Nawrocki
Hope Neilson
Elaina Hatsis and Frank Ott
David Batchelder and Melissa Paly
June Parker
Denise Payne
Sybylle and Andrew Pearson
Steve and Anne Marie Pitkin
Sandra and Anthony Proia
Kenneth S.Recu
Tom Hibschman and Clare Rogers 
Alan Haesche and Sandra Rux
Anne Sauve
Ken and Sara Schoman
Erika Gebo and Larry Schroeck
Sheona Scobie and John Seckler
Susan Selden
Deb Higgins and Bob Sheppard
Marsha and John Sibley
Gale Turner and Clayton Smith
Judy Spiller
Lydia Strawbridge
Gerhart Duda and Barbara Sussenberger
Jeffrey and Coralee Thomson
Charles and Patricia Tobey
David Tucker
L. Garth Turner-Harrington
John Viele
Freda Webb
James and Margery Wieder
Charlie Bourdages and Holly Zurer

Gail Beverley
Parkie and John  Boley
Susan and Christopher Brown
Linda Browning
Maureen and John Convery
Lynne Crocker
Pat DGrandpre
James and Dianne Dean III
Janice Eddy
Royaline and Kelvin Edwards
Renee Fifield
Davis Finch
Robert and Cynthia Flolid
Bette Garrett
Donald Gindlesperger
Cindy Giusti
Janet Gourley
Michael Gowell
Lorwen Harrisnagle
Sally Hirshberg
Ellen Hirshberg
Catherine and Robert Houle
Murray and Nancy Hoyt
Richard and Susan Hyde
Peter Ives
Rob Kanzer
Michelle Landry
Nancy and Richard Maina
Anne Masury
William McDonough
Phyllis and Ross Mellen
Betty Olivolo
Cynthia Pawlek
John and Merrill Puleo
Todd and Cheria Rollins
Onil and Nancy Roy
Mark Schremmer
Gillian Tierney and George Shea III 
Ronald and Kim Smith
Janet Taylor
James Van Kennen
Susan Waldron
Nancy Wetzel
Connie Williams

Local Businesses Who Are Members
Beach Pea Baking Co.
Bob's Clam Hut
Green Alliance
Kittery Trading Post
Robert's Maine Grill

Contributors to Brave Boat Headwaters Campaign
(Contributors to this campaign have been given a complimentary year's membership. A special thank you to those who have contributed to this campaign and make membership donations!)
David Balkin
Mark Brewster
Christopher  and Susan Brown
Anne Bryer
Lynne Crocker
Julie and George Dow
Ann Driscoll
Linda Edwards
Anne Emerson
Susan Emery
Suan Engel
John and Margaret Finley
Madeline Gavin
Melissa and Jim Gerrity
Katharine Graczyck
Charles Greenwood
Steve and Stella Hall
Diane Harvey and John Heinl
Jeffrey Heinl
Gerald and Constance Held
Anne and Maury Hepner
Kate Hibschman
Clare Rogers and Tom Hibschman
Star Hopkins
Martha Petersen and Neil Jorgensen
Alan and Christine Kelly
Ann Kendall
Megan and  Robert Kline
Bonnie Knickerbocker

Mary LaClair
Anna Leijon-Guth
Wanda McDonough and Michael Lee
David and Jean Lincoln
David and Heather Mack Faye Mandravelis
Kalle Matso
Page and Alexandra Mead
Gurdon  Metz
Richard & Brenda Michelon
William Mitchell
Brenda Myers
Ogden Foundation
Bill Paarlberg
David Batchelder and Melissa Paly  
Peter Perthou
Chris and Betsy Pope
John Porter III
Diane and Bill Potter
Ala and William Reid
Alan Haesche and Sandra Rux
Wendy  Pomeroy & Deane Rykerson
Anne Sauve
Sophron Foundation
Judy Spiller
Linda Starbard
Katherine Sullivan
Joseph and Katherine Sullivan
Diana Sylvester
James Van Kennan
Russell White
Susan Hamilton and Anne Whitney
Kathy O'Neil & Lisa Wilcott  
Patti Mitchem and Fred Wildnauer
Craig and Elizabeth Wilson