Kittery Land Trust Properties

KLT manages just over 810 acres of conservation land across Kittery through fee ownership and conservation easements.  Not all conservation lands are the same, and they have a range of public access policies.  The lands we manage are described in each category to the right:  Public Access, Limited Access, and Private Lands

KLT is working to publish additional information about these lands.  If you have any questions about KLT lands please email us.

Click on the link at the right for a PDF map of Conservation Lands in Kittery.  The lands that KLT stewards are highlighted in green and described in the links on the right.

Managing conservation lands is a continuous process for our many volunteers.  Our larger properties have a volunteer Property Steward, who is dedicated to looking out for the land throughout the year.  Considerable baseline documentation and management planning information is available upon request.