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Thank you for your Vote

& your support of

Brave Boat Headwaters


ALERT from the Backyard Botanist

Help Kittery reduce the spread of an aggressive invasive by eating it!

Garlic mustard (Allaria petiolata) is rich in vitamins A and C. It was intentionally introduced to the USA from Europe, for eating, and to stop soil erosion.  Garlic mustard is easy to identify because it is blooming now.  It thrives on the side of roads and it does a lot of damage to many of our native plants.

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Enjoy this beautiful bird blog from local photographer Phillip Augusta.

Kittery's 2nd Open Space Bond - Approved!

click here for 11/2/15 editorial

State Funding for The Headwaters on Hold

A big thank you to our local ( and regional ) legislators who tried to get the Land for Maine's Future bonds released. Unfortunately, the House was not able to get enough votes to override the Governor's veto of LD 1378.

Come January, though, we hope there will be a proposal to extend the 2010 bond monies. Meanwhile, we thank our legislatures for all they've done this session.

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Here is the most recent update on Land for Maine's Future as it impacts Brave Boat Headwaters








Tom Wessels' Visit, October 8th, Brave Boat Headwaters

Join Tom Wessels, noted ecologist and author of Reading the Forested Landscape on October 8th to explore Brave Boat Headwaters. Tom will be offering guided walks discussing approaches used to interpret this forest's history. Times are 9:00am-11:00am and 11:00am-2:00pm and each group is limited to 30 participants. Please email Cindy @ ckuligaklt@gmail.com to reserve your spot today! Suggested donation is $10 per person. Directions: Route 103, Brave Boat Harbor Road between mailboxes 188-191. Check out our new parking lot! Carpooling is recommended. Sponsored by Kittery Land Trust in partnership with Rice Public Library.  This event is full! Thank you for your interest. 


Sophomore Bridge Building at Norton

Mr. Merrill's Sophomore Advisor Group - mission accomplished

It was the start of their summer vacation, but a group of Traip Academy sophomores were out carrying heavy logs a quarter of mile through the woods.The students were completing their Sophomore Learning Project for which they were constructing a bog style bridge over some wetlands at KLT's Norton Preserve. It was a team-effort, accomplished over two days with lots of fore discussion and planning. And in the end, they were proud of having created something of concrete and lasting value to their community. Thank you Mr.Merrill's Advisor Group!

Small Change Makes a Big Difference


A big thank you to Kittery Trading Post and their customers for the generous support they have given KLT through their Round Up program for conservation.

Please remember to round up when making purchases at KTP. It is an easy way to help KLT and other conservation organizations, which help make southern Maine such a great place to live!












Upcoming Events

Plugging into Nature: Join the Conversation 

Plugging into Nature is the name we have chosen to describe KLT's work to promote environmental literacy and appreciation of the natural world in our community.  Our goal is to provide educational and recreational alternatives to our tech-focused culture, primarily to children. The tool we use is what we have always done and are really good at -  protecting those special natural places in Kittery, thus providing the 'stage' upon which programs and activities can occur.  Our method is to partner with other organizations in our community when we can and initiate a dialogue when we see a need being unmet. 
Plugging into Nature kicked off in 2015 with a Community Conversation at the Shapleigh Middle School.  Kittery School Psychologist, Dr Glen Gruba and White Pine Program founder and Executive Director, Dan Gardoqui started the dialogue by describing the differences they have observed between children playing and interacting with each other outdoors versus playing and interacting via technology. It was a great discussion between parents and teachers that focused onto the value of giving kids unstructured time outside and the desire for making Kittery a more bike-friendly place for kids. The event was co-hosting with the Kittery School Department with support from the NH Charitable and Rosamond Thaxter Foundations
Plugging into Nature continues in 2016 with KLT partnering with the Kittery Recreation Department to lead field trips to Fort Foster and Rogers Park in July and August. Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, we will be working with children to create sand and stick sculptures, while exploring and hopefully appreciating the ephemeral beauty of nature.  In October, we will once again be hosting an Outdoor Classroom at the Brave Boat Headwaters Preserve for the Shapleigh School.  At the end of October, we hope to have a special guest to the region for a program geared to older kids and the nature-curious adult.  Stay tuned and get outdoors!