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The Time is Now... 

Brave Boat Headwaters Project

Photo by Andrew Pearson

Bond for Brave Boat Headwaters to be on November 3rd Ballot

Thank you to all who rallied behind a bond for Brave Boat Headwaters.Your swell of support made an important difference! Watch members of the community make a persuasive case for the value of this project (start at 28:55; end at 58:55).

The Town Council voted 6:1 in favor of letting the voters decide whether to aid the permanent protection of The Headwaters with $275,000 bond.We are further thrilled that in a 7:0 vote, the Town Council agreed to allocate $75,000 in Open Space funds for the conservation of this land. We are heartened and grateful! And there is still much work ahead of us, so we ask for your continued, active support for this project.

Here's how you can help:

Help spread the word about the value of this preserve to our community.   Learn more.

Vote Yes for Brave Boat Headwaters on November 3rd.

Read about the public hearing in the Portsmouth Herald

State Funding for The Headwaters on Hold

A big thank you to our local ( and regional ) legislators who tried to get the Land for Maine's Future bonds released. Unfortunately, the House was not able to get enough votes to override the Governor's veto of LD 1378.

Come January, though, we hope there will be a proposal to extend the 2010 bond monies. Meanwhile, we thank our legislatures for all they've done this session.

Learn more

Here is the most recent update on Land for Maine's Future as it impacts Brave Boat Headwaters








Unwinding on the Water

(L to R:) Olivia and Wendy Pomeroy, Gayle Perkins, Alex Dearborn, Gary Mitchell, Jenny Freeman.  (Not shown: Clayon Smith and Gale Turner)

A group of KLT members gathered on Friday, August 7th at the "Swoosh" along Chauncey Creek to enjoy an evening paddle through the marshes of Brave Boat Harbor. The late afternoon light illuminated the marsh grasses and mirror-smooth water to dazzling effect. Looking down into the crystal clear waters of the marsh and bay, they were reminded of the importance of conserving the headwaters which flow from Brave Boat Headwaters and feed this incredible water system.

Small Change Makes a Big Difference

A big thank you to Kittery Trading Post and their customers for the generous support they have given KLT through their Round Up program for conservation.

Please remember to round up when making purchases at KTP. It is an easy way to help KLT and other conservation organizations, which help make southern Maine such a great place to live!

Sophomore Bridge Building at Norton

Mr. Merrill's Sophomore Advisor Group - mission accomplished

It was the start of their summer vacation, but a group of Traip Academy sophomores were out carrying heavy logs a quarter of mile through the woods.The students were completing their Sophomore Learning Project for which they were constructing a bog style bridge over some wetlands at KLT's Norton Preserve. It was a team-effort, accomplished over two days with lots of fore discussion and planning. And in the end, they were proud of having created something of concrete and lasting value to their community. Thank you Mr.Merrill's Advisor Group!












A Genial Gathering of Supporters

(L to R:) Will Brewster, Alex Dearborn, Cyndy Pawlek, and Danna Dearborn

Thank you to all who came to the 2015 Annual Meeting and Picnic! It was wonderful to see a lot of familiar and some new faces. Your contributions to the potluck made for a yummy spread. As always, it felt like a warm gathering of friends.

And thank you to Karen Young, Coordinator for the MtA2C Coalition, who gave a persuasive talk about the vision and value of conservation in southern Maine and to KLT's Executive Director, Christine Bennett, who gave an encouraging update about Brave Boat Headwaters.

We welcome Cyndy Pawlek and Heather Sullivan to the KLT Board. And we are very appreciative and will miss the terrific service of President, Don Stein and long time Treasurer, Bill MacDonald.

Upcoming Events
Oct 15, 2015 6:30 PM
Plugging into Nature: A Community Conversation

Oct 17, 2015 10:00 AM
Fall Foliage Walk at Brave Boat Headwaters

Oct 18, 2015 4:00 PM
Slideshow Talk: History of Brave Boat Harbor


Enjoy this beautiful bird blog from local photographer Phillip Augusta.