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The Time is Now... 

Brave Boat Headwaters Project

Photo by Andrew Pearson

State Funding for the Headwaters On Hold

A big thank you to our local ( and regional ) legislators who tried to get the Land for Maine's Future bonds released. Unfortunately, the House was not able to get enough votes to override the Governor's veto of LD 1378.

Come January, though, we hope there will be a proposal to extend the 2010 bond monies. Meanwhile, we thank our legislatures for all they've done this session.

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Big Step Forward for Brave Boat Headwaters

At the beginning of February, KLT closed on 43 acres of woodland and farm fields off Bartlett Road. The Sawyer and Coggeshall families donated the land, which has been owned by the family since the 1920's.
William Sawyer, who just turned 82, reminisced about the land he grew up on while signing the legal papers for the agreement. “The day I was born in 1933, my mother and father traveled to York Hospital from the farm in a horse drawn pung, which is a winter sleigh.” 
The permanent protection of the land represents a major addition to the overall effort to protect Brave Boat Headwaters, a 150-acre block of valuable woodlands and wetlands between Bartlett Road and Route 103.  

Habitat and Water Quality Improvement    at Rustlewood Farm

Shrubland is currently being developed at KLT's recently conserved, 300-acre Rustlewood Farm. The goal of this work is to help protect the water quality of Spruce Creek and Curtts Ridge Brook and create safe habitat for wildlife like the threatened New England cottontail.

Read the article in The Portsmouth Herald.

Learn more about scrubland habitat.  







Sophomores Build New Bridge at Norton

Mr. Merrill's Sophomore Advisor Group - mission accomplished

It was the start of their summer vacation, but a group of Traip Academy sophomores were out carrying heavy logs a quarter of mile through the woods.The students were completing their Sophomore Learning Project for which they were constructing a bog style bridge over some wetlands at KLT's Norton Preserve. It was a team-effort, accomplished over two days with lots of fore discussion and planning. And in the end, they were proud of having created something of concrete and lasting value to their community. Thank you Mr.Merrill's Advisor Group!


Community Fun at KBP

Christine Bennett and Gary Mitchell at KLT's table

It was another great turnout at the Kittery Block Party! We announced the winners of our Otter Art Contest, raffled off two very cute stuffed animal otters, had the chance to talk to more people about KLT's work, and gained some new supporters!


Stewardship Wood Work

A fallen 60-foot pine in the woods of KLT Steward Alex Dearborn is on its way to becoming several footbridges for KLT trails. Volunteers Mark Alesse, Alex Dearborn, Bob Morrison and Jason Gorman were guided by professional sawyer Jordan Alessi, who cut and split the tree into timbers for the future double-log bridges. What a great example of recycling! (See above to learn how a group of sophomores put some of this wood to good use.)










Small Change Makes a Big Difference

A big thank you to Kittery Trading Post and their customers for the generous support they have given KLT through their Round Up program for conservation.

Please remember to round up when making purchases at KTP. It is an easy way to help KLT and other conservation organizations, which help make southern Maine such a great place to live!

An Otter-ly Great Gathering of Otters

The Souders celebrating Brooke's win

Thank you to all the young artists who entered KLT's Otter Art Contest! Their artwork helped KLT develop the otter mascot for the Brave Boat Headwaters, Otters require areas with clean water, which makes the otter an ideal mascot for The Headwaters. When it’s permanently protected, The Headwaters will safeguard three miles of streams that will benefit all wildlife and help ensure the water quality of Brave Boat Harbor. After all “water otter be clean.”

Congratulations to our Otter Art Winners:
K  - 2 Grades
Most Realistic Otter: Remick Matty
Otter with the Most Personality: Sela Rose Howard
3 - 5 Grades
Most Realistic Otter: Ronnie Murdock
Otter with the Most Personality: Brooke Souder
6 - 8 Grades
Most Realistic Otter: Bella Wollacott
Otter with the Most Personality: Kiki Huntress

Otter-able Mentions:
Myles Seckler
Bayla Cassinelli
Emily Housley
Josephine Ek


Upcoming Events
Aug 07, 2015 3:30 PM
Kayak Paddle in Brave Boat Harbor

Aug 29, 2015 9:00 AM
Clearing Invasives at Seapoint: Volunteers Needed


Enjoy this beautiful bird blog from local photographer Phillip Augusta.